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our story and our products


Candle making began as a hobby. I was enjoying learning the art of candle making when I decided to try selling them in our family market. Realizing I needed to create a name for my first candles, I began to dream. My name became the link to a vision of how these candles could offer a spirit of Hope to people who receive them. With our first candle sale in 2016 Bright Hope Co. was established.

I continued to create soy candles with much passion while I fell in love with Braden who would soon become my husband. It wasn’t long before we were making candles together. I learned that the art of candle making could be furthered by my husband who loves science and chemistry and was preparing to head to medical school. While he perfected the candle making, I continued to pour my energy into the presentation, packaging and marketing.

With medical school becoming a reality in 2020, we have earnestly pursued our candle business and allowed Bright Hope Co. to tie our hobby, dream and vision all in one beautiful package. How does this work? We create candles for you and with the proceeds, give a percentage back to medical needs abroad, offering hope in under privileged areas of the world. We are blessed as a couple to be able to work together from our home, where this small home business helps carry the load, while Braden pursues becoming a doctor.

Our candles

We create hand-poured, soy-blend candles. Each candle is carefully poured by hand and labeled and packaged for your enjoyment.

our hope

As my husband pursues medical school, we are passionate about the medical field and the hope and healing that it brings to people groups all around the world.

In light of our vision, a portion of the proceeds from each candle is given to bring hope and healing to underprivileged people groups through medical intervention.